Childcare Vouchers

As we are Ofsted registered, we are able to take Childcare vouchers.

Please check our availability before making any payments. If you are unable to make a Childcare payment immediately, it may be necessary to book/hold your place using a debit card, before making a subsequent Childcare transfer.

Our Childcare registration details are as follows...

  • Edenred (formerly Accor): P20066897 (Mini Minors)
  • Kidsunlimited: 00298807 (Mini Minors)
  • Wider Plan / Kiddi Vouchers: 34256 (Mini Minors)
  • Sodexo / Saycare: 805793 (Mini Minors)
  • Care-4: 06414560 (Mini Minors)
  • Fair Care: MINI 0611
  • Fideliti: CRO011C
  • Imagine / Co-op: 85007065 (Cross Keys)
  • Computershare: 0007998221 (Cross Keys)
  • Busy Bees Benefits: (please provide camp name)
  • RG Childcare: 15273377276 (Mini Minors)
  • Allsave Childcare Vouchers: Mini Minors Holiday Group (Hill Top)

If you use a different provider, we will be able to register with them – so just let us know.

Our company office (not camps!) address is 48 Fitzalan Road, N3 3PE